Booty, Booty, Booty, Booty, Booty Everywhere!

Warning: This post features more booty than a Kardashian twerk-a-thon. 9

Everybody loves booty, but nobody loves booty 7 more than my friend Tyler; I think he might fancy himself a pirate. 

Discussions on what actually qualifies as 'climbing booty' can get pretty heated, but it seems safe to say 8 that the single carabiner two thirds of the way up a 5.12 climb that we passed on our way in that morning, and was still there on our way out late that afternoon, was fair game.

And it also happened to be a pretty photogenic opportunity. So, here are a few pictures of Tyler doing what he loves most - chasing booty.

Crosshairs, 5.12a (to the first anchor)
Radiohead area at Devil's Head, CO

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