It's that wonderfully strange time of year when I'm trying to look both backward and forward at the same time. What did I accomplish last year? What do I want to accomplish next year? How does what I've accomplished this year, influence what I want to accomplish next year?
I'm a sucker for hard data and hand-written notes, so I like to start by looking back at my old fashioned calendar and reviewing where I've been for the last 12 months. 2016 by the approximate numbers:
51 days climbing (Doesn't include post-work weekday routes)
20 days (and still counting!) skiing
29 days camping
For me, those are the days that matter most, the ones spent outside, and my goal is to have as many of those as possible. Considering I have a full-time Mon-Fri 8-5 job, not the kind that will ever make me a wealthy person, and my longest vacation of the year didn't involve any climbing/camping/skiing days, those numbers don't seem too shabby to me. But I didn't add all this up so I could humble-brag about it. Besides, in Colorado, the land of extreme athletes and dedicated dirtbags, those numbers are hardly worth bragging about anyway.
However, seeing these numbers in front of me is a reminder of how much my priorities have shifted over the last few years, and how much room there still is to improve in certain aspects. By changing my perspective of what is "reasonable", specifically in regards to travel time, I've opened myself up to a plethora of new opportunities. Stay up a little later, or get up a little earlier, oftentimes it only takes a couple extra hours to open the door to a multitude of new adventures.
Looking at these numbers, I realize I've spent far more time outdoors this year than any other in my "adult" life. Far from feeling contented though, I find myself more motivated than ever to see an increase in that time. So here's to 2017, and continuing to make starry nights, warm campfires, snowy hills, and all the craggy places a priority.
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